Ritsumeikan Co-op 2030Goals English version

Ritsumeikan Co-op is an organization of "everyone" created by "everyone" and supports by "everyone"

Co-operatives are voluntary organizations of people who voluntarily join hands to meet common economic, social and cultural needs and wishes through jointly owned and democratically managed entities. In other words, each union member exists for the purpose of "cooperating" and realizing the "wishes" and "thoughts" that they have in common.
"Everyone" means all members of the Ritsumeikan Co-op, and represents the members of the school (students, graduate students, students, faculty members, co-op staff, etc.) who attend or work at Ritsumeikan. Based on the spirit of mutual aid, Ritsumeikan Co-op aims to "improve and continue to improve the cultural and economic conditions of union members' school life" through democratic management based on the principle of one vote for each union member. "Mission". To that end, the Ritsumeikan Co-op will realize the awareness and thoughts of each union member.

To all Ritsumeikan Co-op members.

Ritsumeikan Co-op
Takashi Kakuni(Professor Faculty of Letters)

Ritsumeikan Co-op has decided to formulate a new campaign policy for the future as "2030 Goals". Since 2020, the Ritsumeikan Co-op has been in a difficult business situation due to the spread of the "covid-19". However, because of this difficult time, we decided to bring together the wisdom of all members and establish a strong vision to support the student life of all members for the future.
Against the rough waves of neo-liberalism that emphasizes profits and cuts off vulnerable people, "learning" that is healthy and safe by joining hands by "autonomy" based on "autonomy" and "cooperation" of each person who constitutes the union Let's create a place for "growth".
We sincerely look forward to your creative opinions.
Best regard.

Management status of Ritsumeikan Co-op

Ritsumeikan Co-op was in the red for two years, 2020 and 2021.
We have taken measures against "covid-19", but management was difficult.
We do not expect to return to use before 2019. However, we will maintain and develop a business situation that can continue to realize "improvement of the lives of union members" by responding to changes in the lifestyles of union members and changes in universities and society.

Achievements and challenges of the 2020 vision

At the 87th General Assembly held on Saturday, May 25, 2013, the "Mission" and "2020 Vision" of the Ritsumeikan Co-op were decided. Organize the points to be reached and the points to be challenged.

Ritsumeikan Co-op fosters the "power to live" of union members.

We have promoted the creation of scenes where new students and examinees have dreams of college life, make friends, and take on various challenges.
We will broaden the opportunities for seniors to juniors and union members to connect, learn from each other, help each other, and grow.

Ritsumeikan Co-op will operate in an "inclusive" manner where each person is valued.

Students and the co-op held a vegan fair.
The vegetarian and co-op held a tasting party and then sold "vegetarian curry" at the store.
We will promote co-op management that accepts even more diversity, not just "food."

Ritsumeikan Co-op supports the autonomy of the school and plays an active role in the local community.

As a business operator, we has been working on reducing plastic shopping bags and collecting bento containers.
We will continue to work on issues such as decarbonization, deplasticization, and reduction of food loss in cooperation with on-campus organizations and university communities.

* Ratio of the number of shopping bags used to the number of customers

Ritsumeikan Co-op will continue to be loved and expected in the future.

We reduced business hours at "covid-19".
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
In the future, we will continue to support the lives of union members more than ever by promoting the creation of an easy-to-use environment such as the introduction of smartphone app payments and store renewal, and the enhancement of products and services.

2021 Student Life Survey Results

Co-op (I like co-op, I like it = about 80%)

We would like to hear your opinions regarding the formulation of "Ritsumeikan Co-op 2030 Goals".

Connections & Relationship

Ritsumeikan Co-op will be a place to build connections between union members.

  • We will continue to hold the "Admission Preparation Briefing Session," which is one of the activities to alleviate anxieties about university life for examinees and new students and to expand their dreams.
  • We will continue and develop friend-making projects centered on the student committee, and we also recommend making "vertical" connections that share experiences from seniors to juniors, such as making friends with common goals, making friends that continue until graduation, and job hunting.
  • Co-op stores are "places for encounters and exchanges," "places for experience," and "places for expressing activities." We will increase the number of collaborative projects between campus groups / circles and stores, and promote planning and management together with students, graduate students, international students, faculty and staff, etc. on campus.
  • We will utilize online tools to increase the number of products and services that can be used, whether you are in a remote location or at home. In addition, we will increase the number of situations where members can interact with each other and communicate from experienced people to juniors by utilizing online stores and SNS, not limited to the connection between union members and stores.
  • We aim to reach 75% of the members of the "Univ-COOP⁻KYOSAI"that is Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance.

Learning & Growth

Ritsumeikan Co-op supports the learning and growth of union members.

We will support union members to go out to the world, region and society to deepen their learning and increase their growth. And we support them to learn and act independently and to work with people with different values around the world to solve problems.

  • We will support career development by cooperating and collaborating with each department of the university so that we can respond to changes in the learning environment of the university such as active learning, online utilization, ICT / AI technology, etc.
  • We recommend comprehensive support proposals for devices and content that members can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • We will promote situations and connections where union members can learn from each other and encourage each other, such as job hunting and qualification acquisition.

Health & Safety

Ritsumeikan Co-op is a partner for union members to live in good health and safety.

Eating habits support

  • We will continue and develop the use of the meal system, proposals for eating together, etc. so that union members have "knowledge of food" and acquire the habit of eating in a well-balanced manner.

Supporting living alone

  • We will strengthen the housing guidance business that allows union members who start living alone to live a "safe and comfortable" life.
  • Beginning with self-catering, washing and cleaning, we also encourage boarding house student exchange meetings with the participation of union members, such as making friends with boarding house students.

Preventive activities before injury / illness

  • The student committees at each campus are promoting preventive activities before injuries and illnesses of union members, such as free bicycle inspections.
  • The co-op, in cooperation with the University Health Center (Health Clinic), will promote preventive projects that will lead to the physical and mental health of all members.

We support "continuation of schoolwork" in case of emergency

  • The Ritsumeikan Co-op provides a mutual aid benefit of over 100 million yen to those who are injured or sick and to those who have more than 1,000 cases a year. (Benefits for Student Comprehensive Mutual Aid Participants during the year from April 2020 to March 2021 = 1,195 cases, approximately 111.95 million yen)
  • We will further expand the circle of cooperation and support the "continuation of schoolwork" of student union members.
  • Another Tasukeai of the University Cooperative = Raise awareness of the "Tasukeai Scholarship System"
    We will increase the number of people who can cooperate and receive benefits.

Contribute to the Ritsumeikan

Ritsumeikan Co-op contributes to increasing the appeal of Ritsumeikan.

We play the role of "welfare program", which is one of the attractions of the university.

  • From the cafeteria business, shop management, learning and growth support business, health activities to preventive proposals, mutual aid benefits, we will play a solid role as a bearer of welfare programs.
  • We support from card payment to smartphone application payment with the aim of improving the convenience of union members.
  • In relation to the campus redevelopment, we will consult and cooperate with the university, such as store renovations, to enhance the welfare of union members.

We will also play a role in the "deepening of global education and research" at universities.

  • At the campus, people from various countries and regions around the world with diverse cultural backgrounds will gather at the campus and have more opportunities to talk. We recommend not only dealing with the diversity of food, but also touching, learning, and interacting with differences in culture and customs.
  • The co-op is a member of the same union, with students, graduate students, international students, faculty and staff, etc. from various levels. And we are an organization that can talk, actively propose and promote actual management.We will continue to promote exchanges across levels and promote the unique appeal of the campus.

Contribute to society

Ritsumeikan Co-op supports SDGs.

With the participation of union members and cooperation with local organizations, we aim to be in a state where practice and exchange are progressing for the realization of a sustainable society.

  • Let's create a state in which union members are actively participating in and cooperating in efforts to reduce plastic, such as "recycling activities for bento containers", "my bags" "my bottles" and so on.
  • With the understanding and ideas of our members, we will work to reduce food loss.
  • We will respond to "diversity of food" such as vegan, vegetarian, and halal, and contribute to creating an environment where members can eat with peace of mind.
  • We will increase the opportunities for union members to learn, think, interact, and act on "social issues."


The purpose of Ritsumeikan Co-op is not to sell at the cafeteria and at shop.
We are an organization that practices to improve the lives of union members through the participation of union members.
Please participate in various ways.


May 2022 Distribution of union member discussion materials started
End of July 2022 Voices of union members First deadline for aggregation
Summer 2022 Summary of the middle
May 2023 Formulation of "Ritsumeikan Co-op 2030 Goals"

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We will set the first deadline to the end of July and share it with you as an interim summary.